Robaxin(methocarbamol )is a muscular tissue relaxant. It works by blocking nerve impulses(or pain experiences)that are sent to your human brain.

Robaxin is used along with rest and also physical treatment to deal with skeletal muscle mass conditions such as pain or injury. You could have to decrease your Robaxin dosage after the very first 2 or 3 days of treatment. Follow your doctor's directions concerning the number of tablets you take each day. Robaxin might hinder your reasoning or reactions

. If you do or drive anything that needs you to be alert, be cautious. Drinking alcoholic beverages could enhance particular adverse effects of Robaxin. FDA maternity classification C. It is not known whether Robaxin will harm a coming infant. If you are expectant or plan to end up being pregnant while utilizing this medicine, tell your medical professional. It is not understood whether methocarbamol passes right into boob milk or if it could hurt a nursing child. If you are breast-feeding an infant, do not utilize this drug without telling your medical professional. Take Robaxin exactly as recommended by your physician. Do not absorb larger or smaller quantities or for longer compared to advised. Follow the instructions on your prescribed tag.